Monday, October 28, 2013

Keeping on track....

 Staying on track to being healthy in October is HARD! There are goodies (and goblins, Mwuah haha) everywhere, and comfort food is all I can think about. Especially at work, where just today we had cupcakes(that I made), cake and pizza. All of that heavy food can have you feeling kind of bleh.

  Now even though there is vegan pizza available from where we ordered at Trolley Stop Market here in Memphis, I opted for a garden wrap. The garden wrap from TSM is nothing short of fantastic, it is filled with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, organic rice, beans, & avocado all wrapped up in your choice of tortilla. This wrap is packed full of veggie goodness but can still sit heavily if you load a cupcake and loads of other junk on top of it.  

 And later this week will only get worse, we have a party on Wednesday and Friday this week. The buck stops here, or the bunny....I'm not exactly sure what the proper modification of that saying is for a vegan. I am committing myself cooking at home for the remainder of the week, no cheating. And I am expecting you to hold me accountable.  Any who, lets see these cakes I made for work today! 

 Last week, when I was down with bronchitis and sinusitis, was my coworker's birthday. She ALWAYS makes yummy treats for everyone's birthday and I wanted to make something for her. So I made a recipe from Angela's blog over at , these cupcakes are always a big hit with everyone who tries them. I made a double batch and only 4 cupcakes remained when I left work. Here is a link to the recipe: Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Almond 'Buttercream' and Rasberry Glaze. Be warned, these cupcakes are addictive. They will please omnivores and herbivores alike. Need proof? I am the only vegan in my department and there were just around 15 people there today. That means more than one person went back for seconds, that makes me happy. I love for others to enjoy my cooking(baking). I had one....and possibly a half.  :D  I tried really hard to only eat a half, but these darn things are so tasty.

So why is this post called "Keeping on track...."?   I titled this post keeping on track because we all have days at work/school/home where temptation is all around us, especially during the holiday season.  It is reasonable to indulge in some areas without going overboard.  Even if I had eaten pizza, if I knew that I was planning on having a cupcake I would have kept it to one slice, and one extra little half. 


  1. The cupcakes look yummy I will try this recipe

  2. These are good! We ran out of them at a family gathering :)!